10 Must-Have Skin-Care Tools
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10 Must-Have Skin-Care Tools

Stock your at-home beauty arsenal with must-have skin-care tools that can save you money and help you perfect your look. Spending time and money on spa treatments isn’t always ideal, and with the necessary skin-care tools, you can maintain your skin on your own and keep it looking radiant and beautiful.

Get the Full Picture

If you’re going to spend time perfecting your makeup before work or a big event, get the full picture with an illuminated magnifying mirror. Sure it shows every flaw (it’s OK, we all have them), but it also helps you cover them with ease. These mirrors are also ideal for finding those pesky gray hairs that keep popping up, despite every effort to stop them!

Tame the Brows

Whether you’re in between waxing appointments or you have adopted a cost-efficient approach to caring for your eyebrows, having a pair of tweezers in your make-up bag is beneficial. Slanted tweezers work best for shaping eyebrows and tend to cause less pain.

Rid Pimples With No Chemicals

Lancets are used by spa professionals to create openings in blackheads and whiteheads that rear their ugly heads through the skin. More effective, and less harmful, than using your fingers, lancets offer precise removal.

Extract Problems From Skin

You don’t have to wait for your next facial appointment to get rid of unsightly acne. An extractor tool can be used after a lancet to extract blackheads and pimples that are clogging your pores.

Luxuriate in the Steam

Rejuvenate your skin with an at-home facial steamer. Available at department and retail stores, facial steamers can be incorporated into any skin-care routine, whether the skin is oily or dry. Facial steaming offers a deep cleansing that can help unclog pore and remove dead skin from the face, leaving your complexion brighter and smoother. Health News, an online resource for natural health, suggests doing a face steam weekly for maximum benefits.

Go Bare

Electric or disposable, razors are ideal for shaving for unwanted body hair. If you find waxing painful, razors can help you keep your leg smooth during the summer months when you bare your legs in skirts, bathing suits and shorts. Keep a supply of shaving cream to help avoid razor bumps and add to your newfound smoothness.

Smooth Your Appearance

Microdermabrasion tools are used to promote circulation, hydrate the skin and exfoliate dead skin. Battery-operated and portable, these tools are usually available for purchase as a kit, which includes an exfoliating cream.

“Zap” Unwanted Hair

For simple, no-mess hair removal, opt for a laser hair-removal tool. This tool is ideal for removing hair from the arms, legs and even your most sensitive areas, such as your face.

Brush the Skin You’re In

Just when you mastered the perfect way to brush your hair, a skin-care tool used to brush away dead skin and residue from your face comes along. Face brushes can be used daily to provide your skin with a deep cleaning to keep it healthy and glowing. Often battery operated, facial brushes can be used along with your favorite skin cleanser.

A Simple Approach to Cleaning

Facial cloths are commonly used to pat the face dry after washing. They can also be used for removing makeup or freshening the face on especially hot summer days. Opt for reusable cloths you can wash and dry at home, or a disposable variation, which is ideal for travel.

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