The Best Love Match for Libras
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The Best Love Match for Libras

Although people may not still ask each other what their sign is, some still put a great deal of faith in their horoscope. The sign you were born under may dictate who you are compatible with and who you simply will not get along with. If you are a Libra, born in September or October, you may be idealistic and romantic as well as indecisive and a flirt. You may look for others who have those qualities or who are the complete opposite.


On the Zodiac chart, Aries is directly across from Libra. A Libra has qualities that an Aries does not, and an Aries has qualities that a Libra does not, making for an equal balance of personality. Both signs tend to be leaders, but since a Libra also enjoys peace and maintaining harmony, she may allow the thoughts and personality of an Aries to shine through while gently pulling the strings in the relationship from the background. As long as a balance between Libra’s warmth and calmness and the Arian’s passion is maintained, Aries makes an excellent match for Libra.


A Libra can either make an excellent match or a terrible match with another Libra. Two Libras will thrive and get along well if they both maintain outside connections and activities. Otherwise, the pair may quickly tire of each other. On the positive side, since two Libras will share the same interests and goals, the relationship could be almost perfect. Libra enjoys nurturing and taking care of others, so an ideal Libra/Libra match would have two partners who each care for each other equally.


People born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be rebellious, idealistic and to love art and the humanities. Libra serves as a good match for Aquarius, because a Libra will tend to support the impulsive decision of an Aquarius. While Libras are often good at starting projects, they lack the ability to complete them. Those born under Aquarius tend to be able to complete tasks once they have started them, so that an Aquarius will be able to take a Libra’s idea and see it through.


Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by the planet Venus, so both partners in a Taurus/Libra match love art and luxury. Both partners may also be prone to laziness and can have different views of the world, which can lead to problems in the relationship, if the couple is not careful. Taurus tends to be stubborn and impatient while Libra excels at being diplomatic, so the relationship will thrive if Libra is able to let Taurus take the lead more often than not.


A Gemini may be the perfect match for a Libra. Both signs are governed by the element air. Libra is a cardinal air, meaning she is good at beginning things, and Gemini is a mutable air, meaning he is able to be flexible and to adapt. Gemini’s flexibility means he is able to go along with Libra’s many new ideas. The Libra/Gemini couple will find each other attracted to and drawn to the other’s traits. A Gemini, who tends to like to talk, will find a willful listener in a Libra.

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