Too Hot for School
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Too Hot for School

I just came from my girls’ elementary school, and I must admit I was very surprised to see how many sexy costumes children under the age of 12 were sporting.  Confession: my daughter was one of them!  Obviously her get-up was not purchased by me- mistake #2!  

Last week, she showed me her “Alice In Wonderland” Halloween costume.  The first thing I did was look at the packaging. To no surprise, I noticed it was an adult small, not a children’s large.  That was the first red flag! Buy your children’s costumes in the kid’s section, not the adult section.  To make a long story short, we talked about looking 10-years-old not 20-years-old, even on Halloween.  We jazzed up Alice to look much younger and cuter.  You can imagine the look on my daughter’s face when I assured her that Alice’s dress was knee length with white knee socks and buckle shoes, NOT a frilly, short, blue mini-skirt with thigh-highs. 


So, I went picking through my own collection of tights and had her wear white tights (NO FISH NETS) under her sexy socks.  I added some young, rosy make-up to make her look more fairytale and less hottie-tottie.  In the end, she got it. She was as happy and as appropriate as a 10-year-old wanabee Alice could be.



At this morning’s school costume parade, I saw many homemade creative costumes: funny ones, rented ones, and of course a few tramped out innocent kids.  What happened to ghosts, two-headed monsters and pumpkins?  The funniest costume was a Hannah Montana who looked more like a blonde street-walker than a pop star.  I must confess that yesterday’s article featuring slutty Miss Candy Corn had nothing on the THREE pre-tween candy corns I saw at school this morning-  one of whom was my own eight-year-old!  But, she’s pulled it off in a very sweet way. Sexy never came to mind. It really depends on how your kids wears the costume and what they look like in it.


The funniest thing happened last night when I was trying on my hot pleather Cat Woman suit.  My daughter said, “MOM, you’re not going to wear that to my school parade are you? Don’t you think it’s a little hot for school?”   I guess she told me, because I showed up with no costume, a t-shirt and a pair of baggy khakis.


I volunteered in class and had so much fun making origami pumpkins and spiders.

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