Arts & Crafts Ideas to Do at a Birthday Party
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Arts & Crafts Ideas to Do at a Birthday Party

In these days of do-it-yourself culture, many people enjoy doing arts and crafts at parties. The key element in planning art parties or craft projects is that you need to make sure guests can carry out their finished items by the end of the party. Document the process by filming people at work or by taking photographs of the completed birthday art projects.


One easy type of birthday craft project entails customizing an existing item. For example, provide T-shirts for party guests to fabric paint or tie-dye. You could also provide wooden treasure boxes for people to paint and embellish. Cooking art projects might include top-your-own sundaes or cupcakes with berries, sprinkles, toasted coconut, candies, crumbled cookies and miniature marshmallows. Birthday party crafts you make from scratch may include homemade books, pom-pom pets, puppets, tissue paper flowers or Mexican “cascarones,” which are eggs emptied out, washed and filled with confetti that you break over people’s heads.


Make birthday art projects fun by ensuring no one has to wait a long time for others to complete a step of the project. Set up stations with simple activities and crafts, such as beading bracelets or painting wooden dollhouse furniture, so that guests can rotate between projects as they finish.


Birthday party art projects work best when guests have many options for personalizing their pieces. A simple coloring activity is more fun when you provide black paper and gel pens, as well as glitter and sequins for added glam. For puppet-making, have guests choose from brightly colored fabric scraps, patterned papers, googly eyes, ribbons, bows and buttons.


Birthday parties with arts and crafts keep guests occupied and focused. They give every person something special to bring home and remember the event. Everything from plain white paper party favor bags to the pinata can become a party craft project, with guests making collages, adding doodles or sticking on decorations.


Keep craft projects safe and simple at parties with young children and toddlers in attendance. Avoid choking hazards, toxic glues and unwashable paints and dyes. Set aside a table with child-friendly activities, such as finger painting in shaving cream or using Play-Doh.

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