Advice for Love
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Advice for Love

Regardless of your life goals, establishing and maintaining a healthy love life is important. Many modern women struggle with allocating time for love and, as such, fail to experience the emotional and physical satisfaction that accompanies a healthy and loving relationship. Instead of putting your love life in the back seat, allow it to ride shotgun, and make time to acquire and nurture a fulfilling relationship.


In the hierarchy of priorities, love is often near the top. While women vary in goals and ambitions, most do desire a life companion. If you want love, you can’t wait for it to fall into your lap. Instead, dedicate time to your love life. As you shuffle your schedule and pencil in love, keep yourself focused on the task at hand by considering what will really matter when you are old and gray: your current work project, or a man sitting next to you and holding your hand as you rock away on the front porch.

Love Thy Self

When most people talk about love, they are making reference to a relationship between two people. In truth, loving another is only half of the battle. As “Psychology Today Magazine” reports, to be an effective lover, you must first love yourself. To increase the degree to which you love yourself, look for the positives instead of the negatives. Don’t beat yourself up over the small stuff, but instead consider the mental and physical strengths that you have. Once you become more capable of truly loving yourself, you will likely find that you are more ready to form a healthy and loving relationship with another individual.

Building a Bond

As you venture deeper into your current romantic relationship, you must work to build a bond with your beau. One of the best ways to establish a strong and lasting bond is to take advantage of the post-coital time you share, reports, “Cosmopolitan Magazine.” Immediately after sex, both men and women’s bodies release hormones that promote bond development. Allow this hormone secretion to work in your favor, and don’t dash out the door as soon as the deed is done. Instead, linger around and enjoy the after-sex company of your coitus companion.

Showing Love

Some women struggle with the fact that their partner seems hesitant to pronounce his love. Often, women want to be worshiped and have affections lavished upon them. While some men are more than willing to do this, others are unwilling–or perhaps even unable–to declare their love, even if they feel that emotion. Do not place too much importance on the words that come out of your man’s mouth. Instead consider the ways in which your man shows you he loves you. As “Psychology Today Magazine” reports, the things a man does for you to show you love are ultimately more important than the three little words that he could easily utter regardless of their validity.

Healthy Skepticism

Many love-hungry women jump blindly into new relationships, hoping that their new partner will become their one-and-only. While you should enter new relationships with high expectations, you should not be unrealistic or overly trusting. “Cosmopolitan Magazine” warns the lovelorn to protect themselves from less-than-savory guys by maintaining a level of skepticism, particularly in the early portions of their relationship. Instead of giving yourself completely to a new guy, peel back the layers slowly and allow him further into your life as you spend more time with him and begin to understand his true aims.

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