Affordable Birthday Party Ideas
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Affordable Birthday Party Ideas

When it comes time to celebrate your little one’s birthday, you naturally want to create a memorable experience. It may seem that bounce houses, exotic animals and expensive entertainers are all the rage, but you may not have the budget for that type of entertainment. Fortunately, you can have a memorable birthday party for your child without spending a fortune.


The birthday industry is alive and well, with vendors charging high fees to have a birthday party that will impress the children–and their parents. In some cases, parents easily spend thousands of dollars to create the perfect birthday party. Even a simple party at a nearby location like a museum or entertainment center can cost between $20 and $60 per child, a cost that quickly adds up. You can use affordable birthday party ideas to plan a party that fits within your budget.


The idea behind expensive birthday parties is that they are somehow more enjoyable than those that cost less money. While it may be more exciting to get to touch wild animals or to have special activities at the zoo, these aren’t necessary for a great birthday party. When you plan fun games for the party at home, children are just as easily entertained as they are in a more expensive location.


Food is one of the easiest areas to cut your costs. Rather than scheduling the party during a time when people may expect a meal, schedule it in the afternoon, when you can only serve cake and ice cream. You can also save money by planning games for the kids to do during the party rather than hiring an entertainer. Shop for gift bags at the dollar store or another discount store.


When you spend less money on a birthday party for your child, you will be able to spend more in other areas. For example, you may be able to afford a better present to give him for his birthday, or you may be able to take the family on a special outing together.


While it’s smart to limit your spending in certain areas, you don’t want to eliminate some costs completely. For example, people will expect that you’ll give them some food, so you want to have at least a bowl of chips or pretzels available, even if you’re not going to provide a full meal. You should also provide token gifts for the child guests. Again, these need not be expensive gifts, but you should give something small as a token of your appreciation.

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