Birthday Party Theme Ideas
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Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Theme parties can be lame or spectacular, depending on the theme you choose and the manner by which you pull it off. Select a relevant theme–one that your guests and guest of honor will just love. With the right theme, your party will flow smoothly. With a theme to work around, you’ll find that the planning of the event will be easier to accomplish, and the result will be more spectacular.


Themes give your party structure. They tell your guests what to expect. Even if they know the guest of honor well, your guests may be overwhelmed by the choices for gifts and help they can bring the party. Once your guests hear about the theme, they can choose the perfect gift to fit the theme. They can also offer to bring food, drinks, decorations and other items they might have available once they get a glimpse of your vision.


A theme also sets the tone and ambiance for the party, even before it begins. The theme informs guests about how they should dress and behave. A backyard barbecue calls for shorts, T-shirts, a case of beer and an extra guest or two. Guests generally know that if a party is a formal dinner, they must dress up, bring wine and that they cannot expect to bring last-minute friends. Announcing the theme prevents any embarrassment on the part of you, your guests or the birthday person.


The theme you choose depends on the age of the birthday girl or boy. Little ones require a simple theme, such as an animal or a cartoon character. Since little kids have simple tastes and are easily thrilled, you can save time and money with an uncomplicated theme. Older kids may want a more elaborate theme, such as a movie or a decade, such as the 1950s or the 1980s. Adults can go either way. For an extra special party, you may want to choose an intricate theme, asking friends and family to dress for the occasion. For a casual party, choose a simple theme, such as beer and football.

Monumental Birthdays

Some parties celebrate milestone birthdays, such as the first, 13th, 21st or 50th. Those birthdays require a special party theme. Choose something personal to the birthday boy or girl. His career, alma mater, hobby, favorite sports team, favorite television show or vacation destination are all ideal inspirations.

Get Creative

You can put together a creative theme for an unforgettable, but still personal, party. Masquerade or costume parties transform guests into pawns for your party, and force your birthday girl to guess who has arrived. Even just a color or number can be a theme. Ask everyone to bring an item of that color or number and see how creative the guests can get.

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