10 Reasons Why You Love Him
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10 Reasons Why You Love Him

After years of dating, finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a rewarding experience. As a couple, you endure trials and tribulations, but you use your love for each other to pull you through each experience. With each experience, you are reminded of why you love him.

He Loves Who You Are

With a hectic schedule chasing after the kids and working your 9-to-5, more often than not, you don’t have the energy to channel the style and grace of your favorite celebrity, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Whether you’re in jeans and a hair scrunchie, dressed for a day in the office or an evening out on the town, he tells you you’re beautiful.

Sense of Humor

Laughter fills the room whenever he’s around, whether he’s telling a funny joke, impersonating a family member or teasing the kids. His ability to make you laugh, even when you’re down, is likely one of the top reasons you fell in love with him.


He listens to your views on world issues, as well as you talk about your favorite television shows, problems with co-workers and the cute things the kids do.


Showing thoughtful behavior in a relationship shows appreciation and respect. You enjoy his random “I love you” text messages, when he comes home with flowers or offers to make dinner for you and the kids.

He Respects Your Personal Time

Like most women, you surely like to have some time to yourself; whether it’s to luxuriate in a bubble bath with a book or a night out with friends. You love him because he gives you space when you need it, without putting up a fuss.

He Takes Charge

A provider and protector, your spouse knows how to take charge of situations when they are too much for you to deal with. Whether he’s helping organize the household finances or providing discipline to the children, his take-charge attitude is likely a part of the reason you fell in love with him.

Positive Attitude

Some people can find the bright-side of any situation, which makes them a pleasure to be around, even in the darkest of moments. This type of positivity radiates love, and you can’t help but reciprocate it.

He Wears A Suit Well

A well-dressed man can make a woman’s heart flutter like a schoolgirl. Whether he’s dressed for work or getting suited up for a special event, the sight of your husband in a suit is sure to warm your heart.

Family Ties

Building a family together helps couples renew their love for each other. Gazing into your children’s eyes likely helps you remember how blessed you are to share a family with your spouse.

His Smile

He has a gorgeous, contagious smile that you love to see plastered across his face. When he smiles, you smile.

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