Birthday Games for 4-Year-Olds
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Birthday Games for 4-Year-Olds

Your child is turning 4-years-old and wants to celebrate. Rather than do the same tired balloons and cake, make your preschool birthday party rock with a special theme, customized decorations, a fun menu and, most importantly, great party games. Fun and creative party activities will make your child’s birthday party an event to remember.


In the world of preschool, almost any party activity qualifies as a game. Something as simple as building a tower out of pillows, bouncing on a low trampoline or doing an obstacle course on a playground has a festive touch when you add music or costumes or tell the guests they need to beat the clock to complete an activity. Classic party games such as Follow the Leader and Mother May I work well indoors or outside. Also try some less structured games, like hitting balloons to keep them from touching the floor or dancing like different types of animals.


Party games for 4-year-olds often have a short life span and a touch of silliness. Children might race to dress-up like clowns or do relay races with wet sponges. Simple equipment, such as chalk, soap bubbles, marbles, bouncy balls, badminton rackets and Frisbees, give preschool party guests plenty to explore.


Not all party games require one winner and a group of unhappy losers. Make everyone a winner by having players work together to find a treasure using picture clues. Other cooperative games include Ring Around the Rosy, non-team animal charades and silly activities like matching all the mismatched socks in a laundry basket in under a minute.


Preschoolers use games to learn and to socialize. Active party games also help preschoolers relieve some of the event’s potential over-stimulation. Organize a round of Hide and Seek or Freeze Tag to get everyone running.


You do not need expensive packaged supplies for 4-year-old birthday party games. Paint your own image for Pin the Tail on the Mermaid. Join together old cardboard boxes that the children can crawl through like a labyrinth or use to build a fort. Play music and have the guests try Freeze Dance, in which all players must freeze when the music stops.

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