Cool Kid Party Games
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Cool Kid Party Games

Kids enjoy parties of all kinds, regardless of the reason for celebrating. Getting together with friends usually means tasty treats and refreshments, as well as fun games and activities. Like most parents, you want your children’s party to be something he enjoys and remembers as a fun celebration. Games play a large part in setting the tone for the party. Select party games that reflect your children’s interests, as well as ones that fit their age group and their abilities.


Consider your reasons for wanting to include games in your celebration. Determine whether you want to teach the kids cool lessons about nature and science, or just want to help them burn off excess energy in a fun way. Games can serve as icebreakers at kid’s parties, especially when some children don’t know everyone in the group. Games can also encourage team spirit and teach values through fun activities.

Age Considerations

Matching your games to the age of your children will help ensure your party’s success. Kids get discouraged and frustrated with difficult games that are beyond their level of development. Likewise, older children don’t think it is cool to play games they outgrew long ago. Match your party games and activities to your age group to ensure fun and success.


Base your game choices around the events you celebrate. For instance, choose patriotic games for the Fourth of July, while picking winter activities for New Year’s celebrations. Include religious games during religious holidays, if you want to reinforce your spiritual beliefs. Birthday parties require games that honor the special child on his important day, as well as celebrate his age.


Include outdoor games, such as scavenger hunts, hide and seek, racing competitions and ball games. Choose active indoor games to play during inclement weather, such as musical chairs, Simon Says and tossing beanbags or soft darts. Older children may enjoy analytical games that make them use their thinking skills to come up with solutions, such as trivia or strategic board games.


Avoid injuries by keeping young children’s excitement at a reasonable level. Small children can trip and fall during running games, or choke on items intended for older kids. Games that use balloons can also pose a choking hazard to little children. Although you don’t want to rain on the party, you should supervise the party games to keep them fun, fair and safe for everyone.

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