Get Ready To Jumpstart Your Summer Fun!
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Get Ready To Jumpstart Your Summer Fun!

Thank you Fobbles for partnering with us on this post.

Looking for a way to add some extra fun to your summer? Fobbles is the answer! What is Fobbles you might ask? Well, it is the only portable machine that makes fog, haze, bubbles and its most important and coolest feature – fog-filled bubbles! What?! Yep. Bubbles that pop out fog!

And most importantly it’s non-toxic and kid-safe (and made in the good ‘ol US of A). Froggy’s Fog has figured out how to make a Fobbles unit that is smart, compact and affordable.

Did I mention it’s also super easy to operate? I hate to admit it but I always have my husband deal with electronics and putting things together. He was busy setting up the screen for our backyard movie night so I thought I’d give Fobbles a try. Let me tell you, it was super simple! You put the bubble fluid in one spot and the fog fluid in a different spot. You plug it in and turn it on. Seriously a snap to set up and operate. There is even a wired and wireless remote so you don’t have to stand at the machine to operate it.

The girls had a blast popping the bubbles and setting the fog free. They were almost bummed when it was time to turn off the Fobbles machine to turn on the movie! Luckily the candy and popcorn gave them a little extra incentive. 🙂

Don’t think that fog machines are only for Halloween! Think birthday parties, movie nights, family reunions, dances, or even just a fun ‘ol afternoon in the yard with the kids. These fog bubbles can seriously entertain kids of all ages for hours…

And since we love it so much, we are giving away a whole Fobbles kit! Yep, one lucky winner will receive:

Fobbles machine, Fobbles Bubble Fluid, Fobbles Fog Fluid, Fan For Fog Bubbles (helps to lift bubbles if needed), Froggy’s Fog Wireless Control Unit and Froggy’s Fog Variable Control Timer. ARV is $119+

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