Birthday Games for 2-Year-Olds
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Birthday Games for 2-Year-Olds

If you have a party full of 2-year-olds, you will need some activities to keep them busy. You can keep those little children, just out of infancy, out of trouble by filling their hands and time with games. Although 2-year-olds don’t have a lot of competitive drive, skills and logic, they are learning to play together, to work as teams and to try to win. Introduce some simple games to keep your 2-year-old and his friends having fun throughout the party.

Get Ready

Two-year-olds have pretty short attention spans. Set up the games before the children arrive so there is no lag time. Allow children to spend just 15 to 20 minutes with each game, before moving on to another activity such as eating or opening gifts. You can return to the game later if the children show interest. That time away will keep it fresh and exciting.

Keep It Simple

Two-year-olds don’t need overcomplicated games. In fact, given their newfound love of pretend, you can keep the game pretty simple. Let children pretend they are taking part in a special activity, such as riding a horse on a stick around a course or granting wishes to stuffed animals with a magical wand.

Play With Toys

Use plenty of manipulatives and toys in your games. This will give the 2-year-olds something to fill their hands. Give everyone a small stuffed animal or toy, and tell the children what needs to happen to the toy. For instance, you may have a race with toy trucks around a track of sidewalk chalk. The toys will entertain even those children who aren’t interested in following the specific rules or goals of your game.

Team Building

Instead of pitting one child against another, take advantage of a child’s newfound ability to socialize with others while playing. Give the children a goal they must accomplish as a team, such as building a walk of bricks together. Teach them cooperation while letting them play at the party.

Keep Everyone Happy

Now is not the time to put a lot of pressure on your toddlers. They won’t be Olympic athletes or chess winners tomorrow. Tears will only dampen the party, so focus on letting everyone have fun, play and explore the games you set up. Give everyone a treat at the end, for fun and excitement, rather than for a prize for winning.

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