Fashion Trends for Boots & Jeans
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Fashion Trends for Boots & Jeans

Fall is a welcomed season for women who look forward to wearing their favorite boots and jeans. That winning combination can make a woman look sophisticated, tough, sexy, sporty or trendy. Boots with jeans can be practical as well. A woman can be all of these things–with a little help from her boots.

Thigh-High Boots

The thigh-high boot dominated the runways for fall 2010, according to “New York Magazine.” Thigh-high boots give women a tough, yet sexy look. Suede and leather are equally fashionable. Pierre Cardin brought this “Three Musketeers” inspired look to modern times in 1968 with patent-leather low-heeled thigh-high boots. Julia Roberts wore them in vinyl in the movie “Pretty Woman.” Madonna brought thigh-high boots to the 21st century with a lace pair. Lady Gaga chooses to wear her thigh-high boots with no pants, but rest assured that a high-heeled pair of thigh-high boots look fabulous over a pair of jeans.

Age Matters

Wearing your boots outside your jeans is a fashionable look, as of 2010. However, super-tight skinny jeans or leggings are also in style. It might be tempting to wear this type of jean with your boots, but unless you are in your early 20s or younger, it is best to avoid that look, says fashion guru Tim Gunn, reported the Celebrity Magascene website. Women older than that can sport a similar look by picking a high-waisted, dark-wash, fitted jean instead. If you do tuck your jeans into your boots, make sure that your jean doesn’t have extra fabric at the knee. Tucking jeans into boots is not flattering on everyone. It is best for tall women or women with thinner thighs.

Classic is Always In Style

A classic boot-with-jean look is to wear trouser jeans with a boot that has a round toe. The round toe is proportional with the wider trouser-cut jean, according to the CBS News website. If you have a pointy-toed boot that you want to wear under jeans, wear a classic boot-cut jean.

An American Icon

No boot says America quite like the cowboy boot. You can always wear cowboy boots with jeans and be in style. But if you want to make the look less ranch-hand and more city slicker, get a pair of cowboy ankle boots and pair them with skinny jeans that you tuck into your boots, recommends the “Glamour Magazine” website. You can also choose a black or gray jean instead of the traditional blue. Wear a sequined top and big earrings to complete the look. In general, the wider and looser the ankle boots are on top, the thinner your legs will look.

The Tough Look

Motorcycle boots may make you think of the grunge look, but they have an updated look for 2010. These boots are less clunky and awkward and are instead more mainstream and stylish, while still maintaining that air of toughness. Biker babes as well as socialites can wear them, according to the Glam website. You can pair them with boots and a blazer for a country chic look.

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