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Acne Complex Vs. Proactiv

The last time you were watching TV, maybe while you were up early or up late with a sick kid or a nursing baby, you probably saw a feature-length commercial or two promising you clear skin and a radiant face. If acne has been lingering on your face since puberty, you may be eager to try one of these products. Acne Complex and Proactiv are two of the most popular on the market.


Acne Complex is affiliated with Dr. Howard Murad of the University of California in Los Angeles. In addition to working as a researcher in the field and giving his name to this product, Murad is a pharmacist and dermatologist. Two dermatologists are associated with Proactive. Dr. Katie Rodan is an associate professor at Stanford University and works in the field in an Oakland office. Dr. Kathy Fields works in San Francisco and is an associate professor at the University of California in San Francisco.


Both products are available in kits, delivering complete systems. Proactiv uses a three-step system. The products included in the Proactiv kits are the cleanser and exfoliator, the toner and the lotion. Acne Complex’s main kit consists of a cleanser, exfoliator and lotion, as well as a spot pimple treatment and facial mask.


According to the Acne Complex’s website, the products treat all forms of acne by keeping skin hydrated and clean, rather than drying it out. Proactiv claims to take another approach by treating acne at the core. It promises to treat the cause of acne.


As of August 2010, the Proactiv Deluxe system, which includes more moisturizers and some travel products, is sold for $29.95 on the Proactiv website. The Acne Complex Clear Skin kit is sold on its website for $29.95, as of August 2010, as well.


The Acne Complex system offers a Healthy Skin Club program that offers special prices and sales, skin care specialists availabilities and auto-shipment options, to bring your kits to you on a regular basis. Proactiv offers the ActivMember program which guarantees the price of your system, periodic sales and gifts and a skin care book.

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