How to Treat Male Infertility
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How to Treat Male Infertility

About 15 out of every 100 couples are unable to conceive, according to the Mayo Clinic — and in 50 percent of the cases, it is because the male is infertile. Male infertility is caused by several things, including low sperm counts and structural issues in the urethea or testicles. Understanding what treatments are available to treat male infertility can reduce your stress level regarding you and your partner’s desire to have children.

Step 1

Get tested for infection. According to the Mayo Clinic, a chronic infection can cause a male to become infertile. A blood test can determine whether your partner has such infection in his body. If so, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection, though it is not a guarantee that fertility will return.

Step 2

See a doctor for treatment of sexual issues such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Once such issues are diagnosed, medications and therapy will be prescribed to improve your partner’s performance, thereby increasing the chance of him impregnating you.

Step 3

Seek surgery to repair any structural problems your partner has. One common issue in male infertility is called varicocele, which is a stricture or narrowing of the urethra. The surgery will open the path for the semen to travel through.

Step 4

Make an appointment with an endocrinologist. This specialist can test for hormone problems and treat any that are found. Medications to boost hormone levels can help restore or kick-start your partner’s fertility.

Step 5

Sign up for assisted reproductive technology. This technology will remove the sperm from your partner’s testicles so that you can have your eggs fertilized through a medical procedure called in vitro fertilization. Your egg is removed, his sperm is combined with it and the fertilized egg is placed back into your uterus to begin a pregnancy.

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