Fake A Vacation — Best Self Tanners Ever!
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Fake A Vacation — Best Self Tanners Ever!

So one of our co-workers just left on a trip to Hawaii and we all had total vacation envy. We quickly sent our beauty editors to the pharmacy to try to find the best self- tanners out there. That way, when she gets back from her vacay, at least we won’t feel as pasty…Here’s what we found to be the best of the bunch (and the least orange)

Chocolate Sun Cocoa Tan

Chocolate sun’s self tanner smells like cocoa and is organic so if you’re pregnant it’s safe to use. Some doctors tell patients to stay away from self tanners during pregnancy, but this one is ok. Not to mention, Chocolate Sun’s won’t clog your pores because it’s in gel form. Did we mention how yummy it smells? The tan was really natural and lasted for a week!

Jergens Natural Glow

Though you have to wait several days to see this one and it’s very gradual, it comes out super natural and applying it is just like putting on lotion. It’s super mellow, and the scent, though it doesn’t smell like cocoa, isn’t grossly overpowering. If you want just a subtle hint of color, this one’s for you.

L’oreal Sublime Bronze

Besides the little bit of sparkle this one has, the L’oreal Sublime Bronze smells good, is not orange but most of all is tinted so when you’re applying you can tell where you’re putting it on — foul proof. Make sure you wash your hands though!

Neutrogena Micro-Mist

Ok, go into your shower stall and spray this all over yourself — you can get the hard to reach places without help, it just mists perfectly. The only issue is that one of the editors forgot an arm, so she had one tan and one white arm, but that was her fault. Other than that, the mist is a great option because it’s super easy to use.

Banana Boat Sun-Dial

Dial your way to tan skin and find the perfect amount of color for yourself. It kind of looks like that peanut butter and jelly mix you find in the grocery story – like a vanilla/chocolate mix, really yummy. But don’t eat it, instead apply it and choose your best color yourself.

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