3 Road Trip Tips that Every Mom Should Know
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3 Road Trip Tips that Every Mom Should Know

This post about 3 Road Trip Tips That Every Mom Should Know is brought to you by Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are my own.

Spring Break came and went quickly this year. My kids were with their dad but, when they got home we crammed in a quick road trip to top off the week. Road-tripping with kids is never easy, but planning ahead is the biggest headache-saver. As a single mom, I lack the other person to help me load up the car, get the kids organized and on the road. In fact, if I am not prepared, road trips with kids can get out-of-hand quickly. Luckily, I have these 3 Road Trip Tips Every Mom Should Know as my go-tos for keeping each trip as peaceful as possible!

Don’t Forget the Electronics

When the kids are home, I want them to be outside soaking up the sun as much as possible, especially with temperatures beginning to shift. But, when it comes to road trips, electronics can be a lifesaver. Thanks to Walmart Family Mobile, whether it’s streaming their favorite shows or looking up games to play in the car, my smartphone is an essential tool to keep antsy kids entertained.

With Walmart Family Mobile there’s no contracts, activation charges or surprise fees, so you can just pick a phone, pick a plan, activate and go! It’s as easy as that! This is great news for single moms looking for reliable coverage at an affordable cost. What is even cooler is that Walmart Family Mobile now offers family plans. You can get two Truly Unlimited lines* for less than $75 per month all powered by the blazing fast T-Mobile Network. That’s a win-win for me and the kids!

Traveling with a reliable coverage plan that works on all of the kid’s devices – and knowing it’s all at an affordable price – makes me a very happy girl! To learn more about Walmart Family Mobile’s unlimited plans, including new family plans, visit your local Walmart or check out www.myfamilymobile.com.

Don’t Forget The Food

Yes, there are restaurants everywhere, but between bathroom breaks, stops to ‘see that really cool park, mom’ and anything else that may come up, snacks are always needed on board! I pack a cooler with water, chips, pretzels and anything else and place it in the middle of the car where all three kids can reach it. It is a LIFESAVER, and I would not travel without it.

By the way, don’t forget the napkins and wipes in the bag too!

Don’t Forget Your Patience

My road trips always start out the same way. The kids are excited, asking a million and a half questions, and my patience is already thin just from packing them and the car. But, I know that the snacks are all set and with Walmart Family Mobile the kids will have access to their favorite games and shows, so quiet will soon set in. Now I just have to remember to pack my patience as well!

Where is your next road trip with your kids?

*Plus taxes and fees. Additional lines must be of equal or lesser value. Please refer to the latest Terms and Conditions of Service at www.myfamilymobile.com.