Madonna and Daughter's Stylish Creations
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Madonna and Daughter's Stylish Creations

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, nicknamed Lola, are an awesome team. The two created a fashion line together. The line, appropriately labeled Material Girl, will debut at Macy’s this fall. This is the ultimate mother-daughter bonding activity!

Madonna spoke with the Associated Press about her collection and what it was like to work with her daughter. Madonna thinks very highly of her 13-year-old’s taste. “It is good [working with my daughter] because she does have good taste in fashion. I respect her taste and I rarely disagree with her.”

Most mothers would probably not say the same thing about their daughter, but I suppose Madonna is a special case…

Madonna was concerned about thrusting her daughter into the spotlight by designing a line with her. “I feel like she needs to get into high school and focus on her studies, her lessons. She got into the high school of the performing arts. She has a lot of work to do. I don’t want her to be distracted,” she says. Eventually, Madonna says she will let her daughter help with interviews and publicity. But for now, she would rather her focus on school.

She has high expectations for her daughter. She says, “[Lola] will eventually be able to talk about [the line]. I am going to be happy when she does because she can speak much more clearly in and in a more informed way than I can about a line she is ultimately designing. I just stand in the background and go, ‘That’s cool. That’s not cool.”

Lola is a lucky girl. Her mom is a fashion icon, after all (even if she did break a few fashion rules along the way.)

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