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Get Gwyneth and Jaime's Star Treatments at Home

Sonya Dakar, the fave skincare line of moms Gwyneth Paltrow and Jaime Pressley, has just premiered their new “Body” collection to go with it¹s extremely successful facial products. The salon, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, pampers these hard-working Hollywood mamas and other big and small screen staples with deluxe body wrap treatments, facials, and more.

Get Gwyneth and Jaime’s Star Treatments at Home
I visited Sonya Dakar in 2006 to go to their Emmy swag suite and chat with Jaime Pressley. She told me she had been going to Sonya for two years, and swears by the treatments. “Her products are unreal,” Jaime said. “I can honestly say that they’re the best skin care products, and I’ve pretty much used all of them. And I’m not getting paid to say this, I’m paying her a lot of money to do it for me!” Now, all of us can get the star treatment at home with the new Body line. I have a couple of the facial products, and they are fabulous, so I am sure the new items will be great as well. Sonya designed her body skin-care line to be “face-grade,” which means that all the lotions and potions are just as nourishing and invigorating as they would be for the most important part of our bodies, our faces. My top picks in the new line are the Omega Hydrator, the Mineral Polish, and the Nourishing Body Oil. Go to www.sonyadakar.com to check them out.

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