The Best Love Matches for Aries
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The Best Love Matches for Aries

Blunt, direct and assertive — that’s how Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur and Lisa Lenard describe Aries in “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology.” Born between March 21 and April 20, Aries the Ram is the first of the Zodiac signs and the first of the Fire signs. When it comes to love, Aries match up well with other Fire signs, though other signs offer challenge, something no Aries can resist.

Temperament Matches

Aries gets on well with other Aries, though they may butt heads about who is in charge. Sagittarians and Leos, the other two Fire signs, attract Aries with their sense of adventure and fun. Relationships with the other Fire signs are likely to live up to their element — heated in all ways.

Geminis will also attract Aries with their sense of adventure, and keep the Ram’s attention with their quick wit and sharp intellect. Aries admires intelligence, especially when that intelligence is paired with a wicked sense of humor. The other Air signs, Libra and Cancer, may attract an Aries’ attention for a short while, but the Ram may tire of having to live up to a Libra’s standards and Cancer’s desire for home, hearth and commitment.

Social Aspects

Life is all about the fun and the status where Aries is concerned. Another Aries will understand that completely. The double-Aries couple may be social leaders and innovators. Gatherings at their home will include games and exotic foods, but they’re as likely to organize a rafting trip as a backyard barbecue.

Leos are natural entertainers who love the limelight — and among the few signs that might convince Aries to bask in the reflected glow. As a couple, they may make a career of entertaining, with Aries taking the lead on business decisions while Leo charms the front of house.

Aries and Sagittarius may spend a lifetime entertaining each other if they can manage to keep a sense of novelty alive. Their lives will be a constant adventure of one sort or another.

Gemini is a natural foil for Aries, who thrives on novelty and change. No other sign does novelty quite as well as Gemini, whose emblem is the Twins to represent a changeable nature.

Family Affairs

Parenting with an Aries can be a challenge, no matter which other sign is involved. Life in a home with two Aries parents can be chaotic. They both want to be the fun parent, and no one wants to handle the discipline. If either parent can manage to discipline himself, though, the kids will grow up in an adventuresome home with lots of encouragement to try new things.

If the Aries has hooked up with a Sagittarius or a Leo, their children may feel like they’re the ones doing the parenting. An Aries-Gemini pair will have a tendency to alternate periods of intense concentration on child-rearing with periods of benign neglect.

Physical Compatibility

Aries is an energetic and passionate lover, but not terribly imaginative. The Ram pursues pleasure as he does everything else in life — directly. His idea of novelty is a new partner when the old one gets boring. Leos and Sagittarians will appreciate the style and have no trouble keeping up with the Ram’s appetites.

Gemini has more than enough imagination to spare, and Aries has nothing against it. The Aries lover is quite content to follow along with new ideas that keep the couple’s love life fresh and interesting.

Stumbling Blocks

Jealousy is one of the Ram’s least-attractive traits and can become an issue in any relationship, but it may be at its worst with Sagittarians, who value their independence above all.

With Leo, jealousy may become a battle of egos. Both partners are as likely to be jealous of the attention the other is getting as they are of the attention the partner is lavishing on someone else.

The jealousy may not be a problem with another Aries, who could interpret it as a sign of intense love. Gemini, on the other hand, will see jealousy as mistrust and restriction. If Aries can’t curb the tendency to be jealous, Gemini will decide the relationship isn’t worth the stress and walk away.

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