Use Fall Energy to Reinvigorate Yourself
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Use Fall Energy to Reinvigorate Yourself

It’s raining, there is a crispness and coolness in the air; the leaves
are starting to change and fall as the days grow shorter and shorter.
Its the autumn, my very favorite time of the year.
Let’s use the fall energy as a time for letting go
and releasing old energies that we would like to leave here in 2010
while we prepare and gather what we would like and need to bring into

1. Reflection of the Past Year

Notice what you did this year, what was the year like for you?
Were there were any memorable or life-changing events that took place? Were
there any doors or opportunities that opened for you or lessons that
you learned? In a journal, begin to write about anything that stood out while
reflecting back over this past year. Write about the openings, gifts,
challenges, hardships, losses, and new beginnings. Was there an overall tone of the year?

2. What Needs to Stay and What Needs to Go

What people, behaviors, actions, thoughts and ways of being are working
for you? Who do you feel good around, supported and inspired by? Who brings you down and is negative? Who needs to go? We can’t make room for the new if we are
filling up space in our lives with energy that doesn’t work for us any
more. Same with behaviors, thoughts and actions — what’s healthy and
what’s toxic? What is holding you back and keeping you stuck? What is
supporting, healthy and feeding you to thrive in life? What needs to
go? What needs to stay? Make a conscious intention to let anything go
in your life that has held you back from moving forward and being all
that you can be.

3. Cleaning House and Organizing

I have heard more than once that the home is a reflection of the self and
your energy. A cluttered house is an extension of a cluttered mind. If
there is stuff everywhere there is no breathing room to be able to
think and expand. Getting rid of things can also be metaphoric for
getting rid of the old energy in your life. Nothing new can come in if
there isn’t any space for it to land, So throw away those old papers,
donate your old clothes that you haven’t worn in 10 years, organize your home and feel the
difference in energy and space you have created.

4. Nurture Yourself

We just transitioned into fall from summer. The energy of summer is
all about being outward and social. The fall is a time of reflection
and preparation. It’s a great time to re-balance your energy from
summer and rest up before the holiday season. Things like yoga,
massage, cooking, snuggling on the couch with a great book and a nice
hot cup of tea or hot chocolate or watching a movie are some great
ways to recharge. Make a list of 10 things that nurture, recharge and
make you feel good . Pick a few things each week and do them.

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