Brooke Burke: Nearing The End of DWTS…
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Brooke Burke: Nearing The End of DWTS…

I can’t believe DWTS is almost over. I remember the feeling I had during Season 7 when Derek and I danced our way to the mirror ball trophy. This season has flown by, way too fast! It has never been a closer competition!

Hard Work, Tears and Fears

Everyone who has made it this far has won in my eyes. So much hard work, tears and fears have been poured into the last 3 months. I remember how much I learned about myself when I competed with Derek. It was a life changing experience for me on many levels. I hope that everyone takes nothing but the best memories away from this experience. It takes so much courage to step out there on the dance floor in front of millions, face your fears, be judged, and do the impossible. There is something so powerful about stepping out of your comfort zone. For many it is terrifying, for some it is elating, for me, it made me feel alive.

Good Luck!

I hope everyone takes chances in their lives, tries new things, and does them with an open mind. This show is about all of that; I am so thrilled to be part of it. Being here on the other side makes me want to dance again. But for now, I will just enjoy the show.
So sad to say goodbye to another tonight, I can’t believe there is only one week left!

Good luck everyone!!!!

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