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Island Baby Names

Islands often prove naturally inviting to travelers and those looking to call an uncommon landscape home. Whether a tropical option or a chilly arctic isle, the globe is littered with these floating paradises. If you hold a particular affinity for the islands, consider naming your child after one of these oases on the water.


If you’re seeking a name that pays homage to an island, yet isn’t too different from the norm, consider Annette. This name is not only a common baby girl’s name, it is also the name of an island off the coast of Alaska.


The island of Elba rests off the coast of Italy. Not only does this island share much of the aesthetic appeal of the peninsula of Italy itself, it is also historically significant as it was the first place to which Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled. This island name is most commonly borrowed for the naming of baby girls.


Mix your love of all things snowy and your desire to name your child after an island by selecting the name Winter. This unisex name is the name of an island off the Northwest Territory of Canada.


If you hope that your new baby girl has a sunny disposition, consider borrowing a name from a Pacific island. The island of Catalina rests of the coast of southern California and is known for its temperate climate and beautiful scenery.


Give your son a Mediterranean island-inspired name by selecting Cyprus. This third-largest island in the Mediterranean sea sits near Greece and attracts many tourists as a result of its crystal clear waters and soft sandy beaches.


If the legends of King Arthur catch your fancy, consider the island name Avalon for your daughter. Avalon means “Island of apples,” and was, according the Celtic mythology, the place where King Arthur ventured after his final defeat. This legendary island was said to be a paradise, making the name appropriate for your new baby girl.


Those seeking an island name that also reflects their Italian lineage may enjoy the name Sicily. This island, which rests off the shores of Italy, is the largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea. When this uncommon name is used for the naming of a child, it is almost always used to name little girls.


Give your new little boy a rough and rugged name by selecting Kodiak. This word name associations that are far from tropical, and is the Russian word that means “island.”

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