A Simple Diet
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A Simple Diet

Since starting the 21-Day Weight Loss Kick Start I have learned a few things.


1. Often Veganism and Simplicity go hand in hand. It is nice to return to a more basic way of eating. A handful of raw nuts. A piece of baked bread. Fruit or a couple veggies to munch on. That really does become fast food in its glorious and simple state.
2. Less is more. I was adding so much to my food that just didn’t need to be there. You can often skip oil, instead of the tendency I had to over use it. Salt doesn’t need to be in everything you eat. Skipping the processed foods means skipping out on a lot of excess I just did not need.
3. We are strong. When you hit a road block the strength to get through it is within you. For me it was day 7. I was feeling cranky and cheese deprived. When you overcome you feel a sense of accomplishment by completing a day the way you set out to.
4. The next day always brings a fresh start. On Day 8 I was re-energized and ready to take on the world. I surpassed that deprived feeling.
5. Tastes change quickly. You really can stop craving sugar and salt when you allow yourself to give it up for a while and change. When it gets really hard, that is when you know you are on the verge of change. Push through! A splash of soy milk in my coffee instead of cow’s milk will not kill me! I thought it might ;0) In fact, it really isn’t bad. You just won’t find me drinking it from the carton at this point!
6. Food your body can use properly really does give you more energy. Honestly, I was pretty sure (convinced!) that was a bunch of bull for a tired Mom with little ones to chase. I was wrong.
7. You don’t have to be hungry to lose excess weight. You just have to choose smartly. I’m tired of carrying around the extra pounds I’ve been unable to drop since having kids. I also refuse to diet, or go hungry. I am not the best person I can be when I do that. Hangry is a state of being I don’t want to live in. For me, it basically boils down to- eat the foods your body needs, and it will use it. Eat the junk, and you’ll carry with you like a burden.

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