Ending Elf Abuse
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Ending Elf Abuse

Well, it finally happened.  My six-year-old, Jax, has reached an age where he recognizes nonsense; mainly he is getting too old for my sister’s bs. This past weekend, she was doing her passive-aggressive bribery tactic while the kids ate dinner and Jax totally called her on it. 

Now, as his mother I am at a crossroads.  I can’t have him being rude to adults (even if it is my sister that he’s being rude to) but I also want him to be able to call a spade a spade.

This is what transpired: The kids were messing around during dinner and Leigh did her shock and awe routine (with the holidays coming she works the Christmas theme).

“I just saw one of Santa’s elves at the window!”  

Kai and Malone, who are four, followed right along and were in shock, and then awe.  Jax, who is getting a bit wiser, responded, unimpressed: “Leigh, you always see them at dinner. They weren’t here.”  I tried not to laugh as Leigh attempted to come up with a reasonable sounding retort.

Leigh often relies on some sort of scheme to get her children to behave the way she wants.  For instance, when they sleep through the night the sleep fairy comes.  My son recently took issue with this as well. The other day he turned to me and asked “if the sleep fairy is real, why does it never visit me, I sleep every night?”  Good question Jax.  I had to come up with some story about how the sleep fairy is for kids who have a hard time staying asleep all night and how kids like him are in the Hall of Fame.  It was ridiculous.  I think I managed to confuse him enough that he dropped the subject.

The point is, Jax can’t be around Leigh anymore if she is going to continue with all her make-believe rubbish.  He loves make-believe, but within reason.  Is Santa real? Definitely.  Are elves dropping by Leigh’s house every time he eats there? No, he’s not accepting that.

Luckily, Leigh is someone who is willing to admit to her shortcomings.  This morning when we were in the car together, she threw in the towel and said she’s not prepared to work with someone Jax’s age and therefore will stop with the fake elf-sightings.  “I’ll follow your lead,” she said.

I know my sister is deeply troubled by the notion that her days of saying whatever she wants to her girls are numbered, but she has always talked too much. Honestly, I’m relieved that her needless jabbering may finally be abated by her children.

– Meg

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