Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Kids
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Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Kids

Keeping children entertained during one of the busiest holidays of the year can be a challenge, especially if you have many things going on. Fortunately, you can make your children’s time worthwhile by giving them things to do. Keep your children’s boredom at bay with Thanksgiving craft projects that they can enjoy doing on their own, with you, or with other kids.

Thanksgiving Placemats

Creating Thanksgiving placemats is a craft project that children age 4 and up will be able to complete. Your children will create the placemats using construction papers that come in assorted colors. Older children can draw the shapes of turkeys, pilgrim hats, Indian chief hats and pumpkins using different colors to complete each part to construct each Thanksgiving character. Then, using a pair of scissors, the children will cut each shape and glue on a rectangular construction paper of their choice. Smaller children will require adult supervision in drawing the shapes as well as cutting the pieces. Ask your child to create several placemats for the entire family. Labeling or writing the name of each family member on each placemat will identify the seating position during Thanksgiving dinner. Adding plastic cover to the placemats can provide protection from food or drink spills.

Thanksgiving Spoon Craft

One way to develop your children’s creativity is by allowing them to use their imagination in creating their craft projects. Your children can make different Thanksgiving characters, such as turkey, Indian or Pilgrim, using plastic spoons and other craft materials to embellish the spoon. For example, to create a turkey spoon, cut the shapes of the Thanksgiving turkey’s feathers, beak, comb, wattle and bow-tie using assorted construction paper colors. Use the back of the spoon’s round part as the head, and then add the feathers, beak and comb to it. Add the bow-tie and wattle onto the spoon’s handle, just below the head. Glue two wiggly eyes, which you can purchase from a craft store, above the beak.

Pumpkin Window Hangers

Let your children help decorate your home for Thanksgiving by having them create pumpkin window hangers. They can draw the pumpkin shapes on orange construction paper or craft foam. Making the pumpkins in different sizes will make them more visually appealing when placed on the window glass. Your children can use brown crayons or markers to draw the pumpkin lines. For the pumpkin handle, use brown pipe cleaners that your child can loop and glue at the top of the pumpkin. Using suction cup hangers, your child can hang the pumpkins from the looped pipe cleaners.

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