Backyard Barbeque Party Ideas
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Backyard Barbeque Party Ideas

When planning outdoor entertainment, a backyard barbecue party often comes to mind, especially during warmer days. Taking the party outdoors will make the event an informal one, allowing the food to take center stage.

For your next backyard barbecue party, take a little time and make the gathering more fun and entertaining.

Luau Barbecue Party

Bring the Hawaiian tropics to your backyard by hosting a luau barbecue party. Decorating in an island theme will set the stage for a selection of common luau food that you can serve to your guests. Decorate your outdoor bar in tiki hut-style by adding bamboo and thatch. Covering the tables with white linen or plastic tablecloths topped with palm or banana leaves will evoke the look similar to those used in Hawaii. Using bamboo torch lights will light up the dark areas for nighttime gatherings. Serving roasted pig, grilled pineapples and poi (pounded taro root) will make your luau party authentic. Other options include grilled marinated chicken thighs, kalua pork, macadamia mahi-mahi, macaroni salad, fruit cocktails served with Hawaiian fruit punch or coconut juice. Your guests can come in their island attire by wearing Hawaiian shirts for men and muumuu dresses for women.

Super Bowl Barbecue Party

A Super Bowl barbecue party is way you can entertain your friends, whether or not they are football enthusiasts. It does not even have to be football season yet. Create a tailgate atmosphere in your own backyard by taking out folding chairs. Score a touchdown by serving mouthwatering dishes, such as barbecue pork spareribs, glazed pork butt, grilled vegetable kebabs, hamburgers and hotdogs. Potato chips, vegetable salad and sliced fresh fruits are additional items you can serve. Use your favorite football team’s color and logo in your invitations, decorations, tablecloths, serving platters, bowls, paper plates and cups. Playing football trivia games and rewarding the winners with signed footballs, season passes or autographed photos of football players will make the party livelier. Guests can come in their favorite team’s jersey or cap for a fun show of rivalry.

Wild, Wild West Barbecue Party

Entertain in western style, complete with a cowboy outfit consisting of blue jeans, plaid shirt, cowboy boots, leather belt, bandanna and cowboy hat. A wild, wild west barbecue party will be a hit even if you do not live on a ranch. Decorate using old saddles, if you can find any at country fairs. Place old wooden beer barrels and stacks of hay for your guests to sit on. Serve chili-rubbed barbecue pork spareribs, grilled beef steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs served with country rolls. Wild rice pilaf, mashed or baked potatoes are options of sides you can serve. If you can, serve the drinks out of an old western barrel. Renting a mechanical rodeo horse and bull will help break the ice. Those who are brave enough to try can compete on who will be able to stay on the mechanical rodeo horse the longest without falling off the saddle. Keep your young guests entertained by hosting country-fair style games, such as tossing the rings around a soda bottle or tossing the ball to hit the bottles. Reward the winners with toys for kids and gift certificates for adults.

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