Angelina Doesn’t Spoil Her Kids
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Angelina Doesn’t Spoil Her Kids

Whether Angelina’s 6 kids are in their mansion in LA or traveling in a third world country, they’re always having a good time.

“They like this house [in Los Angeles] because it has this pool. But they also love Cambodia because it’s got the fun places to throw rocks and cut coconuts and ride on elephants,” Jolie, 35, tells Parade. “They love Africa because the kids are really fun to play with and the nature is beautiful.”

She says she tries not to spoil her children and that her family’s jet-setting lifestyle has actually taught the kids to treasure what they have and sympathize with those who are less fortunate.

“They spend time in Cambodia in a teeny hut and hang out with local children. They help me visit distressed areas. They have friends with no money. They also appreciate nice things,” the actress reveals. “We’re hoping that, organically, it will be in them to feel for people who do not have as much. They’ll be inspired to give and help people out because they’ll have close friends who don’t have as much. They won’t whine about things they want. And they won’t want more.”

Angie puts it so eloquently – every mother hopes her children grow up to be good people.

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