Christina Applegate’s Pregnancy Makes Her “A Little Cuckoo”
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Christina Applegate’s Pregnancy Makes Her “A Little Cuckoo”

Expectant mommy Christina Applegate admits she is going through what every pregnant woman goes through, including a bad case of morning sickness.

“I’m textbook right now. I’m like everything you read in the books, I’ve got it all,” Christina, 38, revealed when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night. After her rough battle with breast cancer, we’re glad to hear her pregnancy is going by the book.

“Anyone who has been pregnant knows exactly what I’m talking about,” she muses. “You kind of go a little cuckoo. It’s almost out of body, you’re stepping back from yourself watching this insane monster in front of you that’s you and you want to stop her, but she’s also funny to watch.”

Becoming an insane monster during pregnancy? Unfortunately, we can relate!

Christina and fiancé Martyn Lenoble have decided to wait to name the baby until after he or she is born. But, rest assured, they plan NOT to follow the Hollywood trend of bizarre baby names!

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