Brooke Burke: Pasta, Amore and More Pasta
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Brooke Burke: Pasta, Amore and More Pasta

“Let every meal be a celebration”

Harmonious colors set the table, awakening senses I strive to experience at home. There is a personal touch here and many small gestures that make the difference. The possibility of many friends gathering and letting go of our norm and accepting what a new country offers is what makes, in my opinion, an international vacation enjoyable.

Queen of the House

If we only do well the things we like doing, then Rosa the Italian Mama in the kitchen must get great pleasure of the long hours she dedicates to preparing her incredible meals. To me, she is the Queen of the house and the glue that must have held her family together. I have great respect watching her and observing her dedication to pleasing others. Her meals, are not fancy and creative, they are simple and based on seasonal products. We are rediscovering pasta in many shapes and forms, and enjoying the Italian flavors, different than we know them. I love to cook; I spend more time in my kitchen at home than anywhere else. I am totally inspired here. It’s relaxing for me, and if I had more time, (I am usually rushing a meal for 6 together for my hungry family) I could spend hours passionately cooking.
I can’t wait to get home and set my table in a different way, and prepare my favorite foods they way I have enjoyed them here. That is how I learned to cook many of my family’s favorite dishes, from traveling the world, paying attention to original cuisines and trying to duplicate them in my own kitchen. So fun!

So Much Eating

Eating seems to be what we are doing the most of. We’ve been sleeping in ‘til noon, swimming all day, with long breaks in between to gather together at the dining table. It’s magical really. We are nestled in a beautiful villa in the Italian countryside, with nowhere to go except by car. So we are entertaining each other. Besides the setting, the company has been meaningful. My family is more peaceful than I have ever experienced them. Maybe because here in Italy, amore is in the air, or maybe because this getaway is all about sharing time and space with each other.

No Back and Forth

This is the fist time since my divorce that my older girls and I have spent 2 weeks together – without the usual back and forth we do with their father. I feel calmness because no one is coming and going, we are just together. That is the hardest part of having a blended family and sharing custody. As soon as we all get into our groove, my big girls go back to their other home and then we start all over again each week. It’s really tough. Now, no one is starving for mommy-time, desperate for deserved attention, and sad to be leaving. It feels right here, and I wish I could bottle these emotions and take them back to Malibu with us.

Catching Up on Love

So, we are catching up on lots of love and affection. I am not distracted by any professional obligations (no Internet connection!) My phone is not ringing, and my calendar is empty -what a concept!!!

I know this trip is very important to us on many levels.

I have so many gorgeous photos to share, but I can’t send them now.

More on Italy to come….

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