Do You Know How Perfect You Are?
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Do You Know How Perfect You Are?

You are perfect. You have always been perfect. You were created for a reason. Appreciate how tremendous that is!

You can be happy because all that you are is already enough. Why we have trouble seeing that sometimes I’m not really sure. Maybe that is our cue to making necessary changes in our lives.

The more you know how precious you are, how important your life is, the more others around you know too. What more could we give our children than the knowledge that they are already perfect, already loved? They’ll know if you know. We are all brilliant glowing lights of energy in this world. Let us not dim ourselves for any reason.

Shine bright and strong. Know you are divine, and let your love pour out into the world holding nothing back. Give all you have to give, and feel happiness doing that.

You make everything more beautiful with your light, so don’t be afraid to live fully and completely in the space of who you are. Be comfortable in your skin. It is yours to love.

You are a magnificent creation of love!

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