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Home Sick

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Sunday Drive

This morning Big Brother came into my bedroom with a sad look on his face.  I asked him what was wrong and he said he wanted to go home.  He has been sick the past week.  I think the stress of a new place has taken a toll on him and his body too.

I firmly believe that one’s mental state plays a role in their physical health.  When we are stressed I think our body’s defences are down making us more susceptible to illness.  Although I’m not a doctor nor do I have any hard evidence, in my heart I believe this to be true.
Moving to a new area undoubtedly exposes you to new bugs and environmental conditions you are not yet adapted to.  Add in the stress of no longer attending the same school and having to make new friends, adapt to a new house, and a new home schedule, it is a lot for a pre-schooler to take in and I think it has been hard on my little guy.

One blessing is that the holidays are coming.  My son loves doing crafts and special projects.  What a better time of year than now to do that?  When he gets down about missing his old home reminding him of all the special events coming up is very helpful.  Big Brother and I went on a date over the weekend to our local Michael’s store to make a Thanksgiving pumpkin centerpiece.  Many of the events for kids at Michael’s are free, and I recommend checking your local store’s schedule if you have a craft loving kid.

In a matter of time Idaho will feel more like home to all of us.  I’m really looking forward to breaking in the holiday season soon.  I think my kids will find joy and comfort engaging in our family traditions.  Today my kids and I cut out yellow paper stars, colored them, and decorated them with stickers.  Tomorrow we plan on punching holes in the stars and hanging them in my son’s room with ribbon.  Those are the moments I think we will always remember.  The joy it brings is simply unforgettable.

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Paper Stars

Do you have any ideas for me to help turn a child’s mood around?

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