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Dear Sandra Bullock: Please Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did…

Ugh. So now Jesse James is headed to “sex rehab” aka a spa facility and once again following in the footsteps of Tiger Woods — don’t fall for it Sandy! Jesse James’ escape to rehab is a big fat cop-out: My man cheated on me and I want to urge you Sandra, even though I don’t know you, to please just leave him. Women everywhere are rooting for you!

He’s a Liar

Dear Sandra,
You don’t know me but the same thing that happened to you happened to me. Now, of course I’m not an Oscar-winning actress like you are, but I was with a guy I thoroughly adored and he lived a completely double life that I had no idea about. I thought I knew him– I didn’t. He was a beast — and so is Jesse. The problem is, at the time it happened to me I didn’t have the self esteem to leave. I was stuck financially, I didn’t know what to do about the kids. It was incredibly heart breaking. But Sandra, you’ve got money, you’ve got the looks, the career and you just won custody — It’s such a cop-out when men in the public eye suddenly head to “rehab for their sex addiction.” It makes me want to vomit. Elin fell for it, and I hope Sandra, that you don’t.

If Someone Had Told Me

The reason for this letter is because women and moms EVERYWHERE are rooting for you. It sounds cheesy, because we don’t know you– but we feel like we do. You are a mom, and so are we. We are all women dealing with relationships, love, infidelity, sex, work, children…We get it. Had someone written me a public letter telling me how wonderful I was, that I deserved better, that the guy I was with was a douchebag, that I could do anything I wanted, that I was beautiful– a letter of intention to regain my power, I may have made a different decision than to stay with him (a choice I have forever regretted after). The thing is, you are so much better, so much more successful, so much of a better parent, people love you, you’re America’s sweetheart and everybody I know responded the same way to the news: “WHAT?! How could anybody cheat on Sandra Bullock!?”

Just Leave Him

The thing is, I know he’s trying to “save his marriage” but it’s too late. He’s already ruined his marriage — and he didn’t just cheat once. He cheated numerous times with disgusting women. He is now trying to save his family, but let’s remember he made a choice to RUIN his family every time he was with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that you are smart enough to not fall for this — the damage has already been done, and it’s irreparable. By the way, did you see this supposed rehab center he’s going to? With a lap pool and sauna and tennis courts? Give me a f-ing break. What a cop-out. Jesse – be a real man, and leave Sandra and your family alone. You’ve done enough. Just apologize and go.

You’re The Best

Sandra, don’t make the same mistake Elin did and take him back. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Just because your man is blaming this on an addiction doesn’t mean anything. I hope hope hope that you will not return to him. I hope, for you, for me, and for women everywhere dealing with this same situation you will do what’s right and leave him in the dust. You’re too good for him — everyone has always known it and now it’s proven.

We Love You


Moms, Girls, Women and daughters everywhere.

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