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Denise Richards: Molly's Story

I actually started to write a different blog but had to switch gears. Two weeks ago I took a sweet dog out of a shelter, she was going to be euthanized because nobody had adopted her. She looked as though she was quite neglected… unfortunately in these economic times, dogs are being dropped off at the shelter daily. I would urge any of you needing to find a home for your pet to please try and find a rescue facility, or a no kill shelter if you aren’t able to place your pet with another family.


My girls named the dog which was a beautiful Pekingese, Molly. She was partially deaf and had eye problems. We had our groomer come out and give her a bath and a gorgeous haircut, Molly was delightful and actually my Dad’s secret favorite dog. About 4 days after bringing her home she started coughing, the vet came out and found out she had pneumonia, unfortunately a lot of dogs get sick from being at the shelter. I had to do antibiotic treatments thru her IV 3 times a day (I should’ve been a vet!). I fed her baby food and used a syringe to give her water. I was hoping she would recover and spend her last few years in our home with a lot of tender loving care. She started to make a recovery over the weekend – we were so thrilled. We thought she was out of the woods and on her way…This morning she took a turn for the worst.

Ensuring recovery

I called our mobile vet Dr. Rick to come see her. I definitely didn’t want Molly to suffer but wanted to do everything I could to ensure her making a recovery and have a great quality of life for as long as possible.


Molly passed away in my arms this morning a half hour after calling Dr. Rick. I’m absolutely heartbroken. Grateful I didn’t have to make the decision of having to put her down, but felt terrible that she didn’t get to recover and enjoy her life. As most of you know I am a huge animal lover. I’ve always loved dogs and brought every stray dog home when I was a kid. My parents helped me nurse the ones that were broken and sick back to good health. Some of my friends call me Dr. Doolittle and say that I’m like Even Almighty wherever I go lost dogs seem to find me.

Molly made an impact

Since dogs don’t have a voice, when I see them at the shelter I always wonder what their life was like before getting there. Molly was in bad shape when I got her out. I really wanted her to feel so loved and cared for. I hope that she knew at least these last couple of weeks that she had a family that loved her and a new home. My dad was very sad, he said of all the dogs she was the sweetest one I brought home. She reminded me of my childhood dog Strudle that we rescued when I was in 5th grade and lived until I was 22. In a short time Molly definitely made an impact on our family…..

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