Firefly Ready Go Toothbrush
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Firefly Ready Go Toothbrush

Old habits die hard and that’s why I want to make sure I teach my little ones good oral hygiene right from the start.

It’s especially important as dental hygiene is a growing problem in children – in fact, a new study has shown that preschoolers at all income levels have more cavities.

Personally, I think the best way to encourage positive habits is by making brushing fun, which is why I love the Firefly Ready Go Toothbrush:

It has a fun light-up timer that mimics a traffic light – green for go, yellow for halfway done, and red for finished. This helps kids keep brushing for the dentist-recommended amount of time, which is super important as proper cleaning will help prevent future cavities and other common dental problems.

The toothbrush is specifically designed for use by children, featuring an ergonomic design perfect for small hands and mouth. And best of all, it comes in a choice of cool characters, from Barbie and Spider Man to Angry Birds. 

Use it with Firefly’s Flouride Foam Toothpaste (which comes in matching characters) for mess-free brushing fun. This great-tasting bubblegum flavored foam can be squirted right into your little one’s mouth, so no more toothpaste stains and sticky spots on your sink!

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