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Popular Hairstyles for Kids

Popular children’s hairstyles go beyond the basic ponytail or buzz cut. You can take a cue from the children of celebrities when helping your child choose a trendy or popular hairstyle. Keep in mind that you want a style that is simple to maintain and won’t require a lot of work on school days.

The Bob

A geometric, chin-length bob is a cute hairstyle for a young girl. This carefree style is wash and wear, so you don’t have to worry about prep time, rollers or blow-dryers. Your child can have bangs with the bob or the hair can be blunt cut all around. To dress the style up, part the hair on the side. Hold the hair in place with a bow or sparkling barrette.


The fauxhawk is similar to the mohawk, except it’s not as extreme and is a suitable everyday look for a young boy. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s son, Maddox, made the style popular. Have your barber cut your son’s hair so that the hair in the middle of the scalp is slightly longer than the hair on the sides. For a more prominent fauxhawk, leave the hair 2 inches or longer in the center and buzz cut the sides. Make the ‘hawk less noticeable by cutting the hair shorter in the center and leaving the hair longer on the sides.

Shaggy Cut

A shaggy haircut is a popular style for older boys, inspired in part by teenage celebrities and pop singers such as Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers. The hair goes past the ears. You can part the hair in the center and let it hang down or brush the hair over the forehead so that the boy has bangs in the front. Compromise with an older child and cut the hair so that it is just above the eyebrows and doesn’t get into the eyes when brushed forward.


Cute pigtails are a fresh everyday hairstyle for both younger girls and teenagers. If your daughter has shorter hair, part it in the center and divide into two ponytails just above each ear. Secure the pigtails with elastic bands and gently curl the hair into a ringlet with a curling iron. For a dressier look, try curling the hair before parting it and dividing it into pigtails. For classic appeal, French-braid each pigtail until you reach the nape of the neck, then hold in place with an elastic band.

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