Healthy Sandwich Recipe for Kids
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Healthy Sandwich Recipe for Kids

A sandwich might be the quintessential lunchtime food. A healthy sandwich incorporates three or more of the food groups in an easy-to-eat package. When you are making a sandwich for your child, however, you need to make sure to choose the healthiest ingredients. Some of your old stand-bys may not be as healthy as you think. For example, many jams and jellies are little more than extra sugar, but an all-fruit version is a healthy choice. Make healthy sandwiches that your kids will love.

Step 1

Choose a whole grain bread as your base. Whole grain breads have more fiber and are healthier all around. If your child prefers the taste of white, try the new white whole wheat bread, which uses a form of wheat that has a mild taste.

Step 2

Select your child’s favorite protein source. Though there is some protein in whole grain bread, you’d like your child to get a bit more. You can find protein in sandwich meats, peanut butter, hummus or cream cheese.

Step 3

Add fruits and vegetables. A sandwich can be a great way to sneak in some extra nutrition. Your child might enjoy lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers or green peppers on a sandwich. These pair well with meats, eggs and hummus. Fruity sandwich choices include sliced bananas, strawberries or kiwi. Pair these with peanut butter or cream cheese.

Step 4

Cut the sandwich into a fun shape. You could use your knife or cookie cutters. If you want to waste as little bread as possible, purchase the special bread-shaped cookie cutters that fit alternative shapes, like hearts or butterflies, into the shape of a slice of bread.

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