New Tra-Dish: Potato Carbonara Soup
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New Tra-Dish: Potato Carbonara Soup

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Put a fun new spin on a classic recipe and make a New Tra-Dish! This one comes from Cindy Kerschner over at Cindy’s Recipes and Writings who put a twist on Ragú’s Fettuccine Carbonara.
The result: a creamy, satisfying soup that your family will gobble up!
Check out her post below:
I love creamed soups but I don’t always have all the ingredients handy. Cream of Potato is one of my favorites. I often add a little bacon because I like the smoky flavor.
So when Ragú offered me the chance to turn their Classic Fettuccine Carbonara into a #NewTraDish I jumped at the chance. Their basic recipe includes Ragú Classic Alfredo, fettuccine, turkey bacon and peas. Delicious!
This combination of ingredients would also make a creamy, satisfying potato soup. Ragú Classic Alfredo is made with cream and cheese which is the perfectly seasoned base for soup. 
I added potatoes, carrots and just enough skim milk to thin the soup without losing that great taste. Add some cooked fettuccine, frozen green peas and crumbled turkey bacon for a Ragú NewTraDish twist on a great Fettuccine Carbonara recipe. Pro tip: pre-cooking the noodles and turkey bacon are great time savers.
Quick and easy!
Want more easy recipes that your family will love? Check out Ragú on Facebook for tons of New Tra-Dish ideas! 
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