French President Nicolas Sarkozy Calls Breastfeeding “Slavery”
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French President Nicolas Sarkozy Calls Breastfeeding “Slavery”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy ticked off women around the world this week, thanks to some insensitive comments about breastfeeding.

It seems that he referred to breastfeeding as a form of slavery while speaking to young mothers at a welfare office in the south of France on Tuesday.

Sarkozy was talking about his wife, former model Carla Bruni, and her decision to nurse their infant daughter. (The couple welcomed their first child together last month.)

“Carla is feeding the baby,” he said, according to The Metro. “I think it’s much better for protecting against allergies and illnesses.”

“But for the woman, it’s both a joy and a kind of slavery. However it does free men of blame because we don’t have the  problem of bottle feeding. You don’t have to get up at night, although out of solidarity, I do open one eye.’

Yikes. After those remarks, he’s probably better off sleeping with one eye open. 


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