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Last night Daddy (aka Hubs) got hurt.  When I sensed something was wrong and went upstairs I saw Hubs crunched on the floor with what appeared to be Big Brother’s shirt soaked in blood.  He wasn’t making much noise – too much pain, and my Mother’s instinct told me it was Big Brother who had caused the accident.

After rubbing Hubby’s back for a moment and trying to access if he was going to be OK, I then tried to get Hubby to express if it was in fact the doing of Big Brother…nod if it was BB.  I didn’t want jump to conclusions and come up with a consequence unless it was in fact BB’s doing.  Hubs nodded yes.  Blood filled shirt and all.

Big Brother was having his pre-bed time bath, from which I removed him, dried him off, and quickly brushed his teeth.  Little Sister is at this point running the hallways shouting “All done!”  She was done with her bath too.  I had a talk with BB about what had happened and then put him to bed with no book.  Very upsetting for the little guy because book time is comforting for him.  It felt necessary seeing all the blood from Daddy’s mouth.

Following that I went back to the bathroom to check on Daddy.  Little Sister was still running everywhere like a little chicken.  Daddy had moved on from Big Brother’s blood soaked shirt to a now blood soaked face cloth.  Poor guy!  Part of me was wondering if he still had his teeth. 😕

Eventually after Hubs was able to talk he told me what happened.  I saw his front teeth were still there, thank goodness! 😉  Apparently what had happened was Daddy was trying to wash Big Brother’s hair during his bath.  Big Brother was not cooperating, and in doing so jumped up and wacked into Hubby’s mouth.  His teeth went into his lip.  It looked like a big gaping wound inside his mouth.  Fortunately his teeth didn’t go all the way through his lip, but it wasn’t pretty!

We wrangled up Little Sister and did story time with her on our bed.  It was actually nice even though I did feel kind of bad for BB.  She rarely gets Mommy-Daddy-Little Sister time, and I think she was lovin it.  We went with the only book that happened to be on the floor of our room.  All the rest were in BB’s room.  Where’s Waldo it was!

It was really cute.  Little Sister basically pointed to everything she saw and shouted “There’s Waldo!” Meanwhile Hubs and I were having a bit of a race to see who could actually find Waldo the fastest on each page. If I had to pick a winner I’d say it was me J

I am happy to report Hubs is going to make it.  He is a bit sore and swollen, but doing fine.

On a brighter note, we have a new rose blooming on the deck and we’re enjoying its beauty.  Big Brother pointed it out to me “Look it’s a miracle!”

Have a beautiful day!

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Do you have a first aid kit?  If so, what do you keep in it?


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