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Meet the Moms of DWTS Season 15!

Get ready to dance with the stars of this season’s All Star cast! On the new roster of celebrity dancers, we’ve got four moms who are looking to bring home the coveted Mirror ball trophy.

Watch these Hollywood mamas shake it on the 15th season of Dancing with the Stars (hosted by our very own Brooke Burke) which premieres on ABC on September 24th!

Pamela Anderson

The iconic baywatch babe and mother of two (Dylan, 15 and Brandon, 14) has returned to DWTS for round two! She made her stage debut on the show’s 10th season, where she was paired with professional dancer Damian Whitewood.

She was a hit until her elimination in the 7th week of competition, but she didn’t stop there. A year later, she competed in Argentinian version of DWTS, called Bialando por un Sueño. Pam might be 45 years old, but she’s in amazing shape and we can’t wait to see her shake it onstage!

Bristol Palin

Mother of three year old Tripp and teen-pregnancy prevention spokesperson Bristol Palin is back. After her Lifetime television show Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp bombed, Bristol is getting another shot at the limelight with her return to DWTS.

During her 2010 dancing debut, she  became so wrapped up in her rehearsal schedule that she forgot to mail in her ballot for the 2010 November general election, so with the 2012 presidential election looming, she’ll need to be extra-vigilant!

Melissa Rycroft

After her depressing and heartless break up on The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft has married a sensible man, given birth to an absolutely adorable little girl (one year old Ava Grace Strickland), and co-hosted Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Not bad at all!

Now, three years after she competed in the 8th season of DWTS, she’s back for more and hoping for a better turn-out than her previous third place finish. Given the fact that she placed third with only two weeks of pre-season practice, she could be a real contender this time!

Kirstie Alley

Will Kirstie Alley go for the cha-cha-cha that earned her a perfect score in the finale of the 12th season of DWTS again? We sort of hope so, because it was awesome!

This adoptive mom of two (William True, 19 and Lillie Price, 17) and  has graced both the big and small screens in more movies and television shows than a person could count. Her very public weight loss has inspired so many people with their own goals, and now, it looks like she’s on a mission to inspire us to get up and dance.

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