Fashion Tips for Women Over 60
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Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

To look at the pages of “Vogue” or “Cosmopolitan,” you would think that women over the age of 60 do not exist. The fact is, many women over 60 love fashion, and they have options beyond muumuus and elastic waist pants. Whether you work or are retired, you can locate and create ensembles that flatter your body type, suit your lifestyle and express your unique sense of style.


Every woman in her 60s should have some fashionable basics that keep her comfortable but also look good. Toss out those unstructured and oversized pieces, and aim for lightweight and tailored basics in cotton, linen, silk or sometimes a bit of Lycra to make clothes stretch, feel more comfortable and camouflage areas that you want to de-emphasize. You might pair a fitted, but not skin-tight or see-through, T-shirt, camisole or tank top with a thin, long-sleeved blouse or blazer. You’ll want dark denim for jeans, as well as a couple of pairs of tailored black, gray or white pants.

Color Schemes

If you want a timeless and classic look, take a page from the book of senior celebrities such as Susan Sarandon or Twiggy, who recently launched her own clothing line. These women favor monochromatic outfits, be it a chic black linen blouse with black jeans, or a fun silk dress in pale lavender with a matching sheer shawl. Celebrity Helen Mirren often wears outfits in metallic hues that complement her skin and hair colors. Sticking to a single major color on top and bottom can also have a lengthening effect, making you appear slimmer. Consider using accessories or outerwear to provide a dash of contrast.

Granny Chic

You may be surprised to learn of a trend in interior design and fashion known as granny chic. Just when you thought those crocheted sweaters and old school prints were passe, hipsters come along to snatch them up. Go through your closet or neighborhood consignment shops to find pieces, modern or vintage, that have classic style. For example, a pale, sheer blouse with a frilly collar can look charming when paired with a simple black skirt that hits mid-calf. For accessories, consider broaches, tapestry handbags, lace camisoles, lace-up boots and brightly patterned scarves.

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