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Help! I only have 15 minutes. What can I organize in such a short time?

·         Go through your mail and sort and purge any you may not have gotten to this week.

·         Dust your tables and clear them off.  Use a laundry basket to place items that belong in another room.  Once you have the tables cleared and dusted – put the items in the laundry basket away.

·         Load or unload the dishwasher and wipe down appliances and counters.

·         Make any short calls you need to make (re: questions on bills, returns, repairs).

·         Schedule repairs or needed maintenance around the house.

·         Complete any thank you cards/Birthday cards/Thinking of you Cards – address and stamp them

·         Organize your home office drawer – the one you keep pens, pencils, scissors, etc.

·         Organize a shelf of a small bookcase – purge books you may have already read.

·         Sort your laundry and throw in a load

·         Take an inventory of your freezer and frig so you know what you need

·         Do a quick search online for some new and different recipes from a country other than yours!

·         Organize your bills

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