Attention Moms: Good Morning and Get Moving!
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Attention Moms: Good Morning and Get Moving!

The mornings are dark, cold and quiet. Oh, what a treat as the house lays still and silent, without a even a peep from our little one’s lips. If you are like me, the unpleasant visual of jumping out of bed while the kids are cozy under their covers, can be less than invigorating.

To be honest, it is sometimes simply-unavoidable. If you are feeling like your hips have grown simultaneously with your incredibly-long "Mommy-to-do list", it’s time to fight your timed-out days and start the morning with a stronger focus on you.

Yes, I am your ModernMom "Mommy Fitness Expert", but most importantly I am a REAL working Mom. My first full-time job is managing my family and my second, is a full-time career as a fitness expert and writer. My hectic days are truly maxed-out and I love it! Check out this snapshot… I manage a fitness staff of more than 40 group instructors, train countless clients (all Moms, plus two Dads!)  back-to-back for hours, inspire my group fitness addicts to reach new heights in my classes, meet writing deadlines, strive to be a hands-on role model to my ever-impressionable children;  But the inexcusable idea of missing any of my self-fulfilling dates at the gym, simply cannot happen.


Listen up maxed-out Moms…It’s time to set that stop watch back and get the alarm buzzing in the early AM. As you crawl in bed at night, thinking how dreadful the following morning’s early exercise excursion will be, you might as well cancel the alarm and skip it. Without positive thoughts streaming in your mind, you are not going anywhere. Turn that negative monster off in your little head and crank up your positive inner-voice and heart who knows that you ARE valued and deserve a life that is healthy and fit. Plan ahead with time-saving tactics to make your exit out the front door as quick and painless as possible; Workout attire in close proximity to your bed, shoes ready to be thrown on, keys and I-pod by the door…


Congratulations, you made it out of your bed, you are dressed and groomed…by minimal standards. Moms, trust me, skip the make-up and grab a hat. My next recommendation for early morning workout success is to have a water bottle, on-deck, ready to go, filled with your favorite protein powder, measured and scooped the night before. Fill your bottle with water and shake, grab your stuff and you are in the car drinking your amped-up pre-workout meal:  Destination Success! By the time you hit the gym floor, you are focused, mentally alert and ready to go.


Yes, there are few people who are true “early birds”, those who wake up smiling ear to ear, ready to conquer the world. I truly never wake-up whistling, but in all honesty, I have grown to love tip-toeing out of my house while my family is content and doesn’t realize that I am gone. Let’s be honest… the idea of quietly  "sneaking away" from our busy commitments, as our  kids catch some zzz’s, does sound like a favorable treat. It is the one-time in my day that is truly peaceful and quiet, internal and inspiring; A time for me to meet my personal goals, alone and headstrong.

As time permits and you release yourself to the positivity of fitness, you will discover that the early morning workouts will not only add  productivity and patience to your children’s needs, but as you exit those gym doors greeted by rising sun, a true feeling of empowerment will illuminate within, to begin, yet another busy day.

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