Making Exercise a Priority
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Making Exercise a Priority

Working out is ALWAYS a priority for me. I usually put on my workout clothes first thing in the morning to make sure I get some exercise in.

Some days I know exactly what I’ll be doing, spin class, home workout, jog in the park. Other days I don’t know when or how I am going to fit in physical activity but I make it my mission.

So, as my husband took off for a 10 day trip I knew I would have to be very determined to fit in my exercise and getting a kid-free work out might be next to impossible.  As I am training for my second half marathon getting runs in during the week is my main form of exercise along with strength training. 

I am fortunate to have a treadmill at my home and as dreadful as it may be to run on it for hours on a time, it was a great way to fit in my runs, without paying a sitter and the little ones could play while I ran (they even took turns doing their own runs after). 

I also love me a gym with childcare!! They can be hard to find especially finding one where you trust the people who are caring for your kids and has a vibe that you enjoy. 

On other days I turned my errands for the day into a workout.  I strapped on my baby carrier with my 30 lb weight (a.k.a. my 2 year old) and walked to all of our errands, bank etc.  We keep it fun and educational by talking about car colors, birds, dogs etc. so we get bonding time, I keep a very brisk walk because time is of the essence and I get all of my chores done! everybody wins.

So, my advice to you is don’t set yourself up for failure by creating an idea in your head that you need a ton of time, space or to travel far to get a good workout.  As with all things in life, work with what you have, make the most of it and enjoy your sweat!

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