Bringing Sexy Back: Tips for New Parents
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Bringing Sexy Back: Tips for New Parents

Are you hot and bothered yet? New parents tend to forget their role as loving, indulging lovers and sexual beings.

Here are five great tips tips for your mutual, male/female pleasure, to help you find your bliss:

1. Don’t be passive: Even missionary position allows you to be recreational. Thrust back against him, elevate your pelvis & add sexual energy to the position.

2. Try to intentionally change your breath as you approach the point of no return. Longer and deeper breathing at this point, can expand your awareness all over- breathe in!

3. Ask her to indulge you with a “special self-pleasuring show” as the opening act-add your share of pleasuring her, for an extremely gratifying experience!

4. Don’t ask him to postpone his orgasm when he’s close to his climax: if you missed your full potential, kindly ask for his assistance, once he reaches his peak!

5. Intercourse provides enough “male stimulation” towards the longed for orgasm; it might, however, be insufficient for her to reach hers-take it into consideration and avoid judging or pushing!

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