Dance As Though No One Is Watching
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Dance As Though No One Is Watching

Dance as though no one is watching
Love as though you have never been hurt
Sing as though no one can hear you
Live as though heaven is on earth.

That’s the quote that I am hanging in my dressing room this season.

Today was the perfect Sunday to wrap up my time off before my big day tomorrow. These past few months have raced by. It’s hard to believe I will be back in the ballroom tomorrow for Dancing With The Stars Season 12!

I have totally enjoyed many down days with the family, time for myself, and time to catch up with David. As much as I love working, I wring out every moment of time off to be with the ones who matter most. I am so blessed to have the best of 2 worlds. Mommy by day, and princess by night! I will take Rain and Shaya to school tomorrow in my comfy sweats, and when I come home after our first show to kiss them goodnight, I’ll be in full glamour! They’ll fight over who gets to pull my fake eye lashes off, and ask me sweetly to wash my face and turn back into “regular mommy”, that’s what Rain calls me when I’m not in full hair and make up! She loves me both ways, but Shaya will say “yuck, who did that to you?” when he takes a close look at my TV make up. The kids will be home watching the show, begging for a visit to the studio, and enjoying the performances just like everyone else. So will I, I am as excited as all the DWTS fans.

We spent, my last day off enjoying the crazy rain in Malibu. David lit a fire, we hung out in our jammies, cooked and watched TV. It was the perfect day to pause and catch up before the chaos of DWTS.

I can’t wait to see all the contestants’ groove tomorrow. I know how everyone must be feeling tonight, imagining the moment they step onto the dance floor for the first time. I sure don’t miss those nerves, but I will always miss the dancing!

Derek and I shared so many moments that changed my life in many ways. Dancing on the show was one of my greatest life experiences. I will truly miss Derek this season. He’s doing a film, I wish him lots of success, I’m so proud of him. I will be waiting for his return.

I was surfing the Internet with Rain, watching some of my dances from season 7, and wondering if I could ever pull it off again! We came across this video, which took me back to a very special time.

Watch it here – Derek, I’ll miss you this season…. 

Good luck everyone!

Tune in to see the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars – Monday night 8pm on ABC! See you there.


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