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What is a ModernMom?

Modern Moms are in the now and in the know. ..So what is a Modern Mom to us?    It is a mom that has a KidSafe frame of mind… What does that mean?  She is someone who is an active parent, involved with her kids and eager to learn new ways about how to keep her children safe. The Modern Mom watches Oprah and has seen her recent series about predators and has come to the shocking realization that 90% of the time our children are harmed it is by people they know, love and trust – she realizes that we are not talking about strangers anymore.  We – the KidSafe Moms, are trying to shed light on this reality….our children will face dangers in this world. Does that mean we should put our children in a protective bubble?(wouldn’t that be nice) But we can’t.  Children need to grow and have independence, but how do we give them independence when there are people in this world who want to harm children? The answer….we teach them personal safety skills!!! We give them  tools so they can make the safest and smartest choices,  just as we will make sure they learn math, science and reading.

Oprah enlightened us to the fact that the predators are extremely smart and savvy! We owe it to our children to make them smarter than the predators.  A child who has been taught personal safety life skills is not an easy target –and like the predators shared with Oprah – they only go for the easy target – a child who is vulnerable, unaware, and has not been taught life skills.  Information is empowerment!!! Our goal with our blog is to make every Modern Mom reader empowered with knowledge to keep her children safe. – 95% of abuse of children is preventable through education.

Follow us on this blog and we will empower you with concrete skills and information that you can incorporate into your everyday natural parenting. We will provide you with easy conversation starters about important sensitive topics and we will answer any of your questions. As you read our blog  you will be joining us on our mission to keep KidSafe through prevention education. We are so excited to be a part of the ModernMom Family!

Working together to keep KidSafe!

Sally & Cherie

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