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Declutter your life to boost your confidence

A lot of people carry around with them a lot of “baggage” or “clutter” in their minds. They are holding onto things they say they should do but don’t, people they are not speaking with but want to, all the should’s and could’s in life. All of this emotional clutter negatively influences your confidence and self esteem. It is important to analyze your life from time to time, answer a series of questions, in order to get back on track. I like to call it a life tune-up, and we all need it in order to stay true to our priorities and values in life. Are you currently happy with your life and the direction it is taking? Are there things you have been putting off that would make your life more peaceful and meaningful? Why is there hesitancy? What are you fearful of? Remember each one of you has the power and potential to live an extraordinary life, it is just a matter of being committed and consistent with the process of always evolving and growing. Take some time this week to answer some questions and then decide the steps you need to take to move forward. If you are truly “stuck” and simply do not know where to go or what to do, shoot me an email and I will answer as many as possible. 

1. What are you putting up with?

Make a list of ten things you are putting up with at home. Make a list of ten things you are putting up with at work. Make a list of ten things you are putting up with in any other area of your life. Now start to pencil in the action steps to tackle these items. When, how and what do you need to do to cross these off.

2. Unfinished matters

Make a list of things that are unresolved or unfinished in your life. This includes people. Who do you need to touch base with in order to bring some healing or closure? Life is far too short, so just do it~ List the coulds, woulds, shoulds, and ought to’s in your life. Release all of these unless you are committed to making it a must.

3. What are your standards?

What are your personal standards? What do you want to live your life by? List your top 5 standards, such as integrity, honesty, joy or tapping into your creativity. What are the standards you want to uphold yourself to? List five people you admire the most in your life and the standards they have. What standards of their’s would you like to live your life according to? Get to work.

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