3 mins read

Should Kids Always Be Careful?

“Be careful!” Nod your head if you’ve said this to your child today.  Yeah, me too. This well meaning phrase is used ad nauseum in the modern world. There are a lot of dangers out there, yes. We love our kiddos with every ounce of our being, of course. The mama bear instinct is real.…

4 mins read

Mom Spends $100K In Surgeries To Look Like Jessica Rabbit

We all have our ideals of beauty... those role models we wish we looked like... Some of us are content to sigh while accepting what we are. This one mother decided she wasn't about to accept anything. She wanted to look like Jessica Rabbit (from the cartoon "Roger Rabbit") no matter the cost. Bee Cameron…

1 min read

How To Cover Up a Pimple

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to discover a giant red zit staring back at you in the mirror. But fear not! You can still look great even on the days when your skin is rebelling with these expert tips for hiding imperfections. How to Cover Up a Pimple Shift the focus:

2 mins read

Toddler Fever Treatments

Fevers go hand-in-hand with an illness and are a sign that your body’s immune system is fighting an infection. This doesn’t make it any easier to watch your little one suffering with a fever, though. By taking proper care of her when she’s sick, you can ensure that she’ll be playing again in no time.

4 mins read

Healthy Greek Yogurt Blueberry Muffins

We wish we could say we blame our kids for loving muffins—morning, noon and night, even our pickiest will eat a sweet muffin.  But the truth is, the muffin doesn’t fall far from the muffin tin and facts don’t lie—and the fact of the matter is that we, too, have a history with muffins. We…